MAR 22, 2020

We have sadly cancelled all our services until further notice and will update the community accordingly once matters change.

Mar 22, 2020
Church Online

We will have our services broadcasted online via our Facebook page on through our website.  Please stay tuned for further video


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Welcome to Almondvale Gospel Hall, Dedridge, Website.

We care enough about the communtiy in Dedridge that we would invite you to hear the Good news of the Gospel online.  At present due to the Covid-19 situation, we are hosting all our services online.

We face a storm in our current climate, and it is a storm that brings fear, anxiety, and uncertainty.  However we as Christians do not hold on to these emotions, and as we have trusted the Lord Jesus Christ, we have peace, hope and joy at knowing that the Lord Jesus is with us in this storm.

Latest Services

A new video will be posted on our Facebook page every Sunday morning, this will be a message of hope.  You can find these videos on our "Church Online" page on the website.

We further anticipate to hold ministry online to encourage the believers in the Lord Jesus during this situation. 


As Covid-19 Coronavirus has brought us to a halt, we still value the community and would ask that if anyone requires any help at this present moment in time, to please get in touch with us by e-mail or through our Facebook page and we shall aim to help where we possible can.